Hand felted self adornments and nuances ~ imbued with emotion and soul ~ organically influenced by the nature of wool ~ stunningly illustrated by Raquel.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


"Hamlet...overthought his life away.  He over-considered which way to go until he felt stalled and oppressed by just being in the world.  ...often the only way to know what awaits us is to live it."
             Mark Nepo, the Book    
                                  of Awakening 


 Booties have all found a home.

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Pixie said...

I love your site and your blog. I sent someone the amazing quote about Hamlet over-thinking his life, and she said it was so relevant to her life and "thank you!" I must keep it in mind too!!

Your booties look so charming and comfy! Am loving my handbag and pouch! Guess I'll have to get some booties too! Thank you Jo!