Hand felted self adornments and nuances ~ imbued with emotion and soul ~ organically influenced by the nature of wool ~ stunningly illustrated by Raquel.

Friday, January 13, 2012

“... I felt as if I were suspended between two skies.  
I had not felt so effortless
    since my days on stage, when I often danced myself into what felt like a state of weightlessness.  I could make my body do anything I wanted it to.  At the best times there was no mind or body, just one flowing, sliding unit.”
Goodbye without Leaving, Laurie Colwin  


Anonymous said...

What a GORGEOUS juxtaposition of earth & sky beauty with a different natural beauty in the hands of another creator! At first I didn't realize the 2nd scenic picture was dyed wool! So beautiful!

feltfree said...

Thank you for your compliments.